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About Us


The Kingfisher Cafe support our clients by providing a warm, safe environment, where they can access appropriate advice and have a cooked, nutritious hot meal. Bridlington is an area of deprivation with high levels of poverty, unemployment, homelessness, ill-health and an older population. 

The people that come to our café are quite often suffering from loneliness and isolation, so they are very pleased to find that our charity aims to support and provide a safe and warm place to eat; somewhere where they can sit and will not be judged and will find a friendly face where they are always welcome.  We employ a full time kitchen manager who overseas the running of the kitchen and the work of the volunteers.  Many of our volunteers have experienced homelessness and addictions, therefore they are able to help and understand the needs of those we are supporting.


We work together with the local churches and other agencies and we provide clothing, sleeping bags, toiletries and other necessities. We cooperate with the local police, probation office and the council. We also have very good relationships with the local community and businesses who all make donations.



We provide:

  • breakfast on five days per week;

  • hot evening meals on three nights per week and a Sunday lunch;

  • a ‘pack-up’ of a sandwich with either fruit, biscuit or cake;

  • a flask of tea or coffee.

Meals are provided each week for 50 weeks per year. We source, prepare and serve approximately 10,000 meals per year.


We improve the lives of the people we support by helping them with completing forms and job applications, passing on donated clothes and household goods, linking with other support agencies, allowing them to claim benefits through the use of our address and staying in contact with their families.


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