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Recent news


Good morning!!


Along with everyone else we have received an extremely high electric bill for last month - it was more than twice what we paid in July 2022!!!!  Having spoken to our supplier we are looking at ways of dealing with this.  It looks as though our running and food costs for the foreseeable future are going to be considerably higher than expected or budgeted for. 

We cannot thank our donors enough for their continual and regular support of the work that we do for our community - it is so much appreciated especially as we are seeing an increase in the numbers coming through our door each week.

We hope that we can all find the strength and courage to deal with the current economic crisis and work together for our community.


Thank you.


We are very grateful recipients of a donation from the Marjorie Kirk Trust which is enabling us to maintain the quality of service that we give to our clients at the Kingfisher Cafe.  By providing essential needs for our clients, they experience a better quality of life, wholesome food, great company, clothing, etc.  This helps to combat loneliness and isolation in a caring environment.


We thank the Trustees of the Marjorie Kirk Trust for including us in the distribution of the funds which will benefit us greatly and ensure our stability in the coming months.




Recently we updated the kitchen installing an efficient ventilation system giving a better working environment for our staff and volunteers, this also helps us to meet standard regulations.  The bespoke system was designed and built by Leigh Tec Systems Ltd who from start to finish were extremely kind and professional providing far more than we expected, we are very grateful for this quality service.


It also became apparent after an electrical inspection that our boiler needed replacing urgently, this was fitted along with additional work by Marc Gibson Gas Services - we really appreciated the fact that this could be done quickly.  We now have a fully functioning hot water supply to all sinks in the kitchen and the toilet.


Our decorator Andrew Warkup was then able to come and decorate both the kitchen and the toilet which completed the work to a high standard.


As you can imagine this project required serious funding, we applied to Two Ridings Foundation who recognised our need and generously have provided us with the funding to complete all this work that was required to bring the cafe up to standard.


We are expecting to see an increase in our clientele during this coming year and are thankful that we are able to meet their needs in a safe, homely and warm cafe.


Please remember that the Kingfisher Cafe is open to the general public and our staff and volunteers look forward to being able to serve you.




2022 Annual General Meeting

At the last AGM of the Kingfisher Cafe we said an appreciative farewell to our Treasurer Betty, who has lovingly worked with the cafe for many years. She is very kindly continuing as a volunteer.


At this meeting we voted in 4 new Trustees who are looking to take the work of the cafe forward after the many challenges we have faced during lockdown.


Take away food is still being offered but the cafe is open to all. Come and join us for a nice cup of coffee, a cooked breakfast or lunch.


ERYC Award

We have recently received a grant of £10,000 from the ERYC - East Riding Emergency Assistance Grant for Food and Essential Supplies. This will help us to continue to support those in need in our community.


Assessors Award

Two Ridings Community Foundation Award

Two Ridings Community Foundation has been a grant funder for the Kingfisher Cafe over the last 2 years.


Every year the Foundation awards an Assessors Award to a lucky charity and this year the Kingfisher Cafe received the Award along with a donation of £250.


The photo shows Rosemary & Gill with the Certificate.



Christmas Wrapping Day Video




Thank you to local businesses in Bridlington

Sadly in December we had a break-in and 2 large hampers that were being raffled to raise funds were stolen. We had an amazing response from the people and businesses of Bridlington with donations coming in that replaced and increased that prizes for the raffle. The raffle raise over £500.


In December we were nominated to receive a grant from Sizzling & Carling who own the Friendly Forester pub in Bridlington. Their customers had raised some money and Sizzling and Carling added funds to it, we have received over £2,500. This grant enabled us to have a security system installed and to purchase practical and necessary Christmas presents for our clients so a very jolly and loving time was had by all. The balance of the money from the grant will be used to purchase meat for the Cafe over this year. We have been so grateful for this along with the donations and other grants that we received after such an upsetting time.


Chairman's Community Award 2018

WE WON!!!!!! What a wonderful evening with many deserving individuals and groups at the East Riding Chairman's Award evening on Tuesday 8th May. We were up against 2 other very deserving groups and could not believe it when our name was announced as the winners. Thank you to the Bridlington Town Council for putting us forward for the award.


Community Award winners

Award winners




















Some views of Bridlington including the Maritime Trail. Photos kindly supplied by Paul Crowther


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·        Views of Bridlington

·        Views of Bridlington

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